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CU Succeed

CU Succeed, our student success platform, helps identify students in need of additional services, makes communication easier between faculty/staff and students, and puts CU resources right at our students' fingertips.

CU Succeed facilitates communication among academic advisors, instructors, students, and others who are here to support student learning. Three things students can do in CU Succeed:

  1. Stay on top of upcoming appointments and recommendations from your instructors and advisors from your
  2. Connect with people in your
  3. Fill out the to help your advisors and instructors get to know you better


CU Succeed Fall 2023 Usage Statistics

How to Use CU Succeed (Starfish)

Getting started guides and other tutorials for students and faculty/staff.

Contact Information

Project Manager Jessica Heid

Functional Lead Kara Shultz




Minimum Technical Specifications

Microsoft Edge latest version and one previous; Internet Explorer 11

Mozilla Firefox latest version and one previous and most recent ESR version

Google Chrome latest version and one previous

Apple Safari latest version and one previous

The term latest version is defined by the browser vendors. Check with your browser vendor.

JavaScript enabled

TLS 1.2 or better web browser support

Third-party cookies enabled. If you don't want to universally allow third-party cookies, you can add an Exception to only allow third-party cookies from Starfish. You will want to research how to do this for your specific browser. The URL you should add to this Exceptions list is This Exception should be set as Allow.