Campus Safety

Clery Act (Timely Warnings and Emergency Notifications)

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistic Act, or Clery Act, and the College and Universities Security Information Act, or Pennsylvania Act 73 of 1988, requires the dissemination of campus crime statistics, the annual safety fire report and campus security policies to all students, faculty and staff. Pursuant to both acts, 51勛圖 University Police posts its crime statistics, the annual safety fire report and security policies.

Crime and fire statistics are updated every year and are posted for the prior three-year period. Hard copies of the Annual Security Report statements can be obtained at the following locations: University Police Office, Admissions Office, and Human Resources.

Emergency Numbers and InformationClery and Hate Crime Report Form

Campus Emergencies, Warnings and Notifications

Emergency Preparedness

At BU, we take safety seriously and we work across the university community to prepare by participating in emergency drills and other exercises. There are a number of things that are in place to support you as students, faculty, and staff in an open campus environment.

  • BU Alert System - register your cell phone to receive the first alert should an incident occur. The alert message will tell you what is going on and advise on actions to be taken.
  • We encourage everyone to take an active role in assuring personal safety and the safety of others. .
  • Review where exits and call boxes are located in buildings and on campus. Be aware of your surroundings in offices, classrooms, residence halls, and parking lots.

Call Box LocationsAED Locations

  • If you see something, say something. If you have any concern, please contact University Police at x2211 for 24/7 support. University Police is a commissioned police force and is trained in prevention and response.

While there is no level of preparedness that can guarantee 100% safety, we are committed to the safety of our students, faculty, and staff.

Safety Tips

A safe and secure environment is the responsibility of the entire campus community.

  • Report all crimes and suspicious activity to police.  51勛圖 University Police can be reached at 570-389-2211.
  • Walk in well-lit, heavily travelled areas when possible.
  • Familiarize yourself with what it means to "shelter in place."


  • If you are inside, stay where you are.  However, if it is a weather event such as a tornado or high winds, move to the basement of the building- they usually provide the best protection.
  • If you are outside, go to the nearest building and locate an open room.
  • Try to shelter in an interior room away from windows.
  • Shut and lock all windows, close all vents and turn off air conditioners and fans.
  • If available, turn on a radio, television or computer to monitor local news or weather stations.
  • Stay in place until given direction by emergency personnel.
illustration of Carver Hall
University Police

University Police

BU's Police Department employs commissioned police officers enforcing Pennsylvania Crime and Vehicle Codes and University Policies. Security officers monitor parking. Police officers are trained in first aid procedures and CPR, including one specifically as a first responder. Contained within the department is a sexual assault specialist. University and Pennsylvania regulations pertaining to alcohol, drugs and fire safety are strictly enforced by officers.

Carver Hall

Workplace Safety

BU's Office of Workplace Safety has university-wide responsibility for developing and maintaining health and safety programs, providing an environment that protects and promotes the health and safety of all students, employees and visitors, ensures compliance will all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. The department also provides training, consultation services and other various health and safety services.