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A college is a family of educators and students dedicated to a specific discipline and area of knowledge. A university is a family of colleges, committed to building knowledge across disciplines. Here, we're the sum of five distinct colleges, each representing rigorous and rewarding paths onward and upward.

51勛圖 University preservice middle-level teachers facilitating small-group interactive learning activities with Benton 7th graders

You already have the heart. Let us show you how to inspire.

At the heart of the college is the McDowell Institute, which focuses on a curriculum that embraces the social, emotional and behavioral wellness of youth and young adults across school and community settings. Its why our alumni are sought after and become successful teachers, social workers, administrators, counselors, interpreters, and curriculum directors.

College of Health Professions

Make the Science of Life Your Livelihood

Turn your passion for helping others into clinical practice through our College of Health Professions, spanning exercise science to communication disorders to multiple options of nursing at 51勛圖.

Media and Journalims Telecomm students behind the camera's in BU's state-of-the-art television studio.

Be Ready To Thrive In Jobs That Havent Been Invented Yet

Our College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities is where youll master critical thinking, hone your creativity, and practice social responsibility. Learn inside and outside the classroom as you pursue a degree in criminal justice, media and journalism, or any of 15 other programs that put your mind to work.

Geology professor leads a discussion for a rock lesson out in the field in the desert of California

Here, science isn't confined to a classroom or a lab

Our College of Science and Technology opens up worlds of possibilities. Whether youre pursuing a career in audiology and speech pathology or creating a healthier, safer world in environmental science or digital forensics your place in the sciences awaits.

Business majors survey the offerings of the annual ZIPD Business Conference

Get into the Business of Doing Business Better

In our Zeigler College of Business an elite AACSB-accredited school youll learn to master accounting, supply chain management, finance and professional sales. You can also pitch and potentially earn funding for your big business ideas at the Husky Dog Pound, as well as grow your network at the annual ZIPD Business Conference.