The Power of Three

The integration of 51勛圖, Lock Haven, and Mansfield universities is a bold investment in the communities and people of Pennsylvania. Our mission is to expand high-quality, affordable academic opportunities to support the needs of all learners.

Powerful ideas start here, carried by dynamic stories and voices, resulting in empowered students. Together, we provide financially responsible degree options that maximize experiential learning, career preparation, and efficient time to degree completion.

We're Honoring our History by preserving the founding principles of each campus and continuing our vibrant on-campus student experience, serving as pillars of our communities, supporting students and our neighbors alike.

We're Investing in Today by answering the greatest challenges facing higher 51勛圖: accessibility, cost, quality, and relevance through the combined strength of our storied institutions.

We're Building a Powerful Tomorrow by boldly changing the trajectory of public higher 51勛圖 to position ourselves for growth, increased access, and to meet economic and workforce development needs in our region, across Pennsylvania and beyond.


What Won't Change:

  • Our footprint: No campus is closing, and we will deliver robust residential experiences. Students will have a home campus and will not be required to travel between campuses for classes.
  • Our collective brand: Under the umbrella of Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania, we will maintain our respective names, colors, mascots, and local traditions as Huskies, Bald Eagles, and Mounties.
  • Our athletic brands: Each campus will retain a full complement of NCAA Athletic programs. 
  • Our academic mission: Students will be able to complete the programs they start; it is our promise to them.
  • Our commitment to a world-class 51勛圖: Real-time technology will support new collaborative learning environments while program-based field study, semester residency, or other multi-campus experiences will be developed.
  • Our commitment to alumni and donors: Foundations and alumni associations remain separate. Donors may still designate funds to support programs or a campus/campuses of their choosing.

Top Things You Should Know 51勛圖 Integration

Our identities honor the legacy and traditions that bring all generations of Huskies, Bald Eagles, and Mounties together.

  • Each institutions name, logo, mascot, and identity will be preserved.
  • In March, 2022, the PA State System of Higher Educations Board of Governors voted unanimously to approve the name Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania. As 51勛圖, Lock Haven, and Mansfield, we remain committed to maintaining the strength of our brands as we collectively champion our students and their success. 
  • As announced on April 20, 2022, the NCAA has approved the plan to retain the full complement of athletic programs at 51勛圖, Lock Haven, and Mansfield. 

Upholding and advancing our missions well into the future.

  • By leveraging the power of three, students will have increased access to exemplary academic programs and pathways to social mobility.
  • More pathways to move easily from high school dual enrollment through associates to bachelors, masters and doctoral programs.


Were excited to share with you the academic program array (majors and concentrations) for the Northeast integrated university that will be available to students in the future. As you will see from the linked array, the Northeast integrated university academic programs include a robust set of more than 80 degree programs across a wide variety of disciplinary fields.
As a reminder, we will come together as an integrated university in Summer 2022. However, the academic programs will be phased in over a three-year period as our faculty design the curriculum for these programs.
Please note, all current students will be able to complete the degree in which they are enrolled in now. Also, all incoming students for Spring and Fall 2022 will also be able to enroll in any currently available academic programs at each campus. Nothing changes for current students or for students who enroll in Spring 2022 and Fall 2022.

A typical student will take most in-person courses at their home campus and potentially some through real-time remote learning.

General 51勛圖 courses will be offered at each campus and online.

The Northeast integrated university will have five academic colleges* that include:

  • Zeigler College of Business
  • College of Education and Human Services
  • College of Health Professions
  • College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities
  • College of Science and Technology

Interdisciplinary & Multidisciplinary Studies: In addition to the above, students will have the opportunity to design a program of study that will meet their career goals.  

* Pending Middle States Commission on Higher Education approval.

Responding to the diverse needs of 21st century learners with relevant academic programs, proven modalities, and flexibility that supports a diverse learning community.

  • A program array that will prepare students for careers of the future while maintaining efficient time to graduation.
  • On all three campuses, students can enjoy on-campus housing, student clubs and organizations, athletics and a vibrant campus life.
  • Students can design a university experience that works for them with dedicated support services on each campus.


Equipping students with the skills and connections for an even greater degree of upward mobility.

  • A wider variety of career and professional resources and experiential learning opportunities - including internships.
  • A more expansive alumni network to provide guidance and support and an employer network ready to recruit our graduates.


Expanding high-quality experiential options while also reducing the total cost of attendance.

  • A financially-responsible degree creates a faster route to career launch and upward mobility.
  • Benefit from all the opportunities of a larger university with the same personalized, small-campus experience traditionally offered at Lock Haven and Mansfield.


Honoring our history and our legacy to connect fellow Huskies and provide support for todays students and tomorrows leaders.

  • Foundations and alumni associations will remain independent at each of the three institutions, connecting classmates with their beloved alma mater.
  • Donors will continue to be able to designate funds in support of students to their campus of choice.


Evolving so that each campus can continue serving the needs of its home community.

  • By expanding dual enrollment will be part of a broad portfolio of programs to engage with our institutions. This includes opportunities to earn an associate's degree, especially in some pre-health care tracks of interest. In-person and hybrid modalities will be kept in mind for flexible offerings. 
  • By ensuring a thriving and vibrant campus-life experience.
  • By deepening our Town Gown relationships and expanding our partnerships to provide more internships and mentoring programs, volunteerism/service, lively arts and cultural opportunities, and more that benefit the communities we call home.


Stimulating new growth opportunities for businesses and community partners.

  • Were building toward a stronger region, strengthening and elevating the quality of life for local and regional communities.
  • We remain committed to an environment where students live, work, and engage as members of the 51勛圖 community.


Cultivating and nurturing employer relationships to stay attuned to workforce demands.

  • We are committed to working with regional and statewide employers to build short-course and credentialing programs for working professionals, as well as traditional students who are looking pick up specific certifications and credentials as they progress through their 51勛圖.


To succeed individually, we must succeed in common.

  • 500+ students, faculty, staff, trustees, and community leaders are participating in the Northeast Integration planning.
  • At its July 14, 2021 summer meeting, the Board of Governors voted to move forward with integration.



The entire curriculum was updated during 2023-24. Email communications were sent to students in Spring 2023 about this process and options regarding the new Commonwealth University curricula. Students enrolled prior to Fall 2023 were notified that they have the choice to remain in the programs in which they enrolled or opt into CUs new programs, an option which extends until July 1, 2024. All students starting Fall 2023 and after are enrolled in the new CU programs.

Commonwealth University has expanded offerings with well over 80 degree programs, almost 70 minors, and non-degree certification programs. Pre-integration, Mansfield and Lock Haven had 44-70 degree programs respectively and just over 40 minors. The program array mix includes relevant, current offerings to meet workforce needs and many more options within degree programs tracks and concentrations in specialized areas. 

Tuition increases are set by the PASSHE Board of Governors and tuition has been held flat for six consecutive years. Student services fees are set by the Commonwealth University Council of Trustees annually with the funding amount at each campus being dependent on each campus student enrollment.

Commonwealth University has implemented a new merit aid strategy in fall 2023 that is far more generous than prior to integration. Separate eligibility criteria and award tiers exist for (1) in-state first-year and transfer students; (2) local first-year students; (3) out-of-state transfer and first-year students; (4) international first-year students; and (5) community college partner transfer students.  

Class sizes vary by program and type of course. Some students may experience larger classes, especially in lower division courses, due to the increase in first-year students this year.

Shared events are already occurring across the campuses. Examples include participation in the Zeigler College of Business - ZIPD conference at 51勛圖 and the Multi-Cultural Field Day hosted at Lock Haven. 

Student organizations remain local to each campus, however, student organizations have begun consulting with each other on joint activities and student government organizations gather together as part of the Presidents Advisory Council.

No. The NCAA approved the request to retain a full complement of NCAA athletic programs on the campuses that currently host them. Athletic programs continue to use their respective location name, logos, colors, mascots, and traditions.

Commonwealth University recognizes three (i.e., 51勛圖, Lock Haven, and Mansfield) independent student government structures, one per legacy institution, with envisioned coordination and collaboration on projects and programs of common interest.狼hey share the common purpose of being the official communication channel of the collective student body to the University and the individual administration and faculty at their respective location.涉ll student governments maintain an elected executive board and senate charged with representing interests and issues of students and recognized student groups. Each student government operates under a published constitution, bylaws, and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University.    

Facilities at each campus are available to all students according to the hours of operation. The vast majority of our resources and services畝re available 24/7 to all students. Students can access materials via physical collections at home campuses and interlibrary loan and through most online resources from any location. The libraries are fully integrated and have merged the searchable catalogs which include thousands of links to e-resources as well as bibliographic records of physical materials (e.g., printed books, etc.).

Currently that is not an option, however, it is being researched to determine possible software options, equipment upgrades, and operating costs for a system that might meet this type of user.  

Commonwealth University has a website for , which includes information about policies and procedures for resolving issues, concerns, complaints, and appeals.

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